Every Dealership is set up differently and we at Reusable Product Solutions will help you figure out what storage system will best suite your Dealership. Before we recommend what storage will work best for you we will need to:

• Discuss with you the layout of your Service Department.
• Find out when the seat covers gets installed on the vehicle and by whom.
• Find out when the seat covers comes off the vehicle and by whom.

After we have this information we will be able to recommend the best solution for your Dealership.

Our goal at Reusable Product Solutions is to make the transition from the disposable plastic seat covers to our reusable seat covers go as smoothly as possible.

In doing this we know that you will be saving money, showing a more professional image, offering better protection and doing the right thing for the environment.

Let’s work together to put an end to plastic waste.


Z Rack, Heavy Duty and Height Adjustable

Commercial Grade Z Rack – Perfect storage for for SEAT COVERS

The Z-EA6075 now has a 1-ft height extension built in and is the same as the Z-EA6065. The best news – we have priced it the same as well. It will accommodate wedding dresses, formal gowns, choir robes and other long garments. The extra height comes from the 1-foot extensions that are built into the Z-EA6075, but it still has the same 400-pound load capacity and our “no overload guarantee.”

The upright and hang bars are made of chrome-plated steel and you can choose either an orange or black powder-coat finish for the base, which provides strength and stability for easy and secure movement of the rack. The 4-inch rubber wheels swivel and roll easily on their metal casters when you want to move the rack and wheel brakes keep it in place when you don’t. There are no cheap plastic parts to break or wobble in one of our Z Racks.

Dimensions: 63 inches long, 74-84 inches tall (with extensions), 24 inches wide.