All the protection you need. All day long.


Tuff, durable and reliable.

The RSC-725 Reusable Seat Protector is made of heavy duty polyester. It has quadruple stitching and exclusive nylon reinforcement bands that are located on both sides on the seat protector. 

The back side is vinyl coated to give it extra thickness and a non skid performance. Re-designed and engineered to be one of the strongest and longest lasting seat protector we ever made…that’s why we call it The RHINO. The ultimate choice for professionals looking for mechanic seat protectors.

RSC-725 Car
RSC-725 Close


Tested in the field, year after year.

• Elegant blue or red trim available
• Vinyl coated backing for stability
• Long lasting heavy duty polyester fabric
• Better protection and less damage on vehicles
• Improved CSI scores
• Cost Savings vs. disposable plastic seat covers
• Environmentally friendly
• Professional image


Go Green and start saving money today.

By choosing the RSC-725 reusable seat protectors, you can expect substantial cost savings over the course of a year. Our clients are not only able to lower their service department costs in comparison to traditional disposable plastic car seat covers, but they also manage to reduce garbage removal fees through waste minimization in the dumpsters. When used properly and after only a few months, the seat protectors literally pay for themselves. A great choice for car dealerships looking for an alternative to plastic car seat covers and an excellent solution for professionals in the automotive industry looking for a seat protector for mechanics. This graphic is strictly intended for simulation purposes only. Individual results may vary.