The red carpet service experience


The best fabric on the market.

With military grade heavy duty fabric, the RSC-1075 reusable seat cover is guaranteed to turn heads. Its highly visible bright red color allows your customer to visibly notice the seat cover in their cars. It features 2 handles for easy transport – quadruple stitching for maximum lifespan – 2 nylon reinforcement bands on each side of the seat cover for extra resistance- and an exclusive backing for a non-skid performance. This backing prevents the reusable seat covers from shifting and allows them to remain positioned while the technicians are working on vehicles.

RSC-1075 Car
RSC-1075 Close


Engineered for maximum reliability.

• Best in class durable fabric
• High visibility and high impact red color
• Better protection and less damage on vehicles
• Improved CSI scores
• Substantial savings vs. disposable plastic
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Professional image


Going Green has never been more profitable.

By choosing the RSC-1075 reusable seat covers, you can expect significant cost savings over the course of a year. Our customers are not only able to reduce their operating costs compared to traditional disposable seat covers, but they also manage to reduce their garbage removal fees through waste minimization. After only a few month and when used according to the guidelines, the seat covers pay for themselves.  This graphic is strictly intended for simulation purposes only. Individual results may vary.