The red carpet service experience

The RSC-1075 is the latest addition to the RSC family of Reusable Seat Covers for mechanics. Made of military grade heavy duty fabric, it also features exclusive nylon reinforcements band on each side of the seat cover for maximum longevity.

High visibility and high impact, this bright red reusable seat cover is guaranteed to create a WOW factor in front of your customers.

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All the protection you need. All day long.

The RSC-725 is the work horse of the RSC family of Reusable Seat Protectors. Made of heavy duty polyester, it has quadruple stitching for extra ruggedness. This makes it one of the most dependable seat protectors in the industry today, that’s why we call it the Rhino. A top choice for mechanics looking for superior quality products.

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Thin, lightweight and colorful.

The RSC-525 was the first edition in the RSC family of Reusable Seat Covers. Packed with new features and re-engineered with tons of upgrades, it has become a golden standard in the industry over the past several years.

Available in 3 vibrant colors, this Reusable Seat Cover for mechanics will stand out in the vehicles of your customers and elevate your service image.

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The ultimate steering wheel protector

The SWC-1075 Reusable Steering Wheel Protector is the answer to many problems when it comes to protecting the steering wheel during maintenance in car dealerships.

Available in a vibrant red color, not only will they stand out in front of the customers but you will also be adding a touch of class to your service department.

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Reusable Floor Mats

The RFC-225 Reusable Floor Mats have been a win-win product for all of our customers. Not only do they offer top level protection and a non-skid performance, they significantly reduce the use of disposable paper mats.

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Fender Cover


The RFC-1055 Fender cover is the newest addition to our line of automotive protection products. It has an innovative design that allows it t be a one size fits all. This feature allows it to be easy to use and a breeze to install quickly and efficiently. It is a one piece construction with special reinforced sections for maximum protection on the vehicles. Not only does it look great in the service area, it offers a 180 degree protection with one easy installation.

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Non woven reusable bags with a laminated print are an interesting option in terms of return on investment. They offer the possibility to print a large array of multicolor designs using high resolution pictures. This product is ideal to efficiently promote your brand awareness.

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