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“I have been buying the covers for over a year. We save about $4,500.00 per year. The whole program has been a win for us and the quality of your company surpasses what I have seen.”

Jim – Service Manager

Rancho Santa Monica, CA

“I don’t think I would ever go back to plastic covers now because everyone likes them and have been impressed. I will save up to $1,500.00 per year.’’

Paul  Service Manager

Seattle, WA

“The customers love them. We have even had them mentioned in our surveys being very happy about the additional protection and “going green” since we are no longer using the plastic covers which end up in landfills. Techs like them very much as they don’t slide around and stay on the seat.”

Chris – Service and Parts Director

San Jose, CA

“The response from customers and mechanics has been extremely positive. The seat covers are more cost effective and better looking.”

Randy  Service Manager

Eugene, OR

“They provide good protection against damage but most of all they are visible evidence to the customer that we concerned about their vehicle and they seem to appreciate it. There is less cost, no waste and they are easier to use.”

Mike  Service Manager

Long Beach, CA

“Thanks for these great reusable seat covers, man I hated those clear plastic covers when you get in and out of the car clings to you clothe and flies around wind and litters all over the lot, matter fact I am looking at one stuck on top of tree I am having trouble getting off the tree, anyway these seat covers are great and represent cleanliness and greenness.


Kwanny  Service Manager

Reno, NV

“This idea helps keep our CSI scores high by keeping customers cars clean, saving $300-$400 per month on seat covers, doing our part to keep the tons of plastic out of our landfills, and customers love the idea. What else is there?”

Brian – Parts and Service Director

Santa Clara, CA

“The project has been positive all the way. We have reduced damage and cleaning expenses and a more professional image”

Wolfgang – Service and Parts Director

Houston, TX

“We have been using your product for almost 2 years now. We absolutely love the product and would NEVER go back to plastic. We are saving tons of money and our mechanics are much happier with them than plastic. Converting from plastic to your reusable seat covers was an absolute “No brainer” decision.”

Rob  – Service manager

Roseville, CA