Thin, lightweight and colorful.


Available in 3 vibrant colors.

The RSC-525 Reusable Seat Cover is available in bright red, flashy blue or traditional black with a red trim and red handles. The exclusive high density material is extremely lightweight, resistant, flexible, easy to wash and maintain. This is why the RSC-525 has become a top pick for mechanics working in high volume car dealerships. These reusable seat covers are our most affordable model and are a great choice for our customers looking for a high return on investment without sacrificing quality. They also come standard with quadruple stitching to maximise lifespan.

RSC-525 Car Blue
RSC-525 Car Black
RSC-525 Close Black


A top pick by auto technicians.

• Vibrant colors to choose from
• Lightweight
• Great return on investment
• High density polyester fabric
• Better protection and less damage on vehicles
• Improved CSI scores
• Substantial savings vs. disposable plastic
• Environmentally friendly
• Professional image



Our most affordable model.

By choosing the RSC-525 reusable seat covers, you can expect more cost savings over the course of a year simply because it is our most affordable model. The concept of return on investment is even more important with this model. Our clients are not only able to lower their service department costs in comparison to traditional plastic seat covers, but they also manage to reduce garbage removal fees through waste minimization. When used properly and after only a few month, the seat covers literally pay for themselves. This is an other great reason to get your automotive technicians using these seat covers.